Sharjah Art Foundation x Farideh Lashai exhibition

Since March the Sharjah Art Foundation has been showcasing a major retrospective of the late Iranian artist, Farideh Lashai's exhibition. Reflecting on the evolution of her ideas and expressive forms attuned to the shifting ground beneath her feet, the foundation hosts a solo exhibition of paintings and moving imagery. The iconic works of art reference the contemporary issues faced in past and present day Iran.

In Bait Al Serkal's courtyard, the work Tyranny of Autumn, Not Every Tree Can Bear, is presented for the first time since showing in The Gardens of Iran: Ancient Wisdom, New Vision at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Wire mesh is used to create four cylindrical forms, within which small paintings of cypress leaves on Plexiglass are suspended. These four 'trees' reference the design of a traditional Persian garden – an earthly paradise represented as an enclosed space defined by two intersecting streams. The cypress, a historic symbol of Iran's ability to endure repeated invasions, along with accompanying inverted text, sheds light on the reality of this endurance and what still remains. To learn more about the exhibition visit Sharjah Art.

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