What Radiohead's new video teaches us about Rick Owens

After just releasing their latest album, award winning band, Radiohead dropped their newest music video 'Daydream'. Like the title suggests, lead singer Thom Yorke takes viewers through a daydream in the 6 minute video, expect Yorke's daydream is walked in a pair of Rick Owens sneakers (and a Rag and Bone jacket and shirt). American publication, Complex published an article, entitled 'Rick Owens is for Olds' questioning the demographic of the French based, American born fashion brand “How old is too old to dress like Rick Owens when you aren’t Rick Owens? The general consensus was there is no limit."

The genderless brand is renowned for not conforming to using societies idealistic image of 'young models', as seen in their Paris Fashion Week shows and a large percentage of their consumer base. The 53 year old genius that's contributed to fashion in a revolutionary and rare way, described his outlook on age in a Tumblr Q&A, where he spoke about giving advice to his 18 year old self “I wish I knew that I didn’t have to try to be someone else.”. The string heavy song takes viewers through multiple homes, shops, a hospital, a laundrette, beaches and forests, all in a pair of signature Rick Owens sneakers. Moral of Radioheads video? If your a millennial youth you won't look as good as a grey haired individual in Rick Owens.

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