Why this MCQ campaign is relevant for today's society

Embodying everything a 21st century fashion campaign should be; deconstructing the norms and expectations of society, Alexander McQueen's diffusion line, McQ, has released it's pre-fall campaign alongside conceptual American artist, Jesse Draxler. The dismantled monochromatic imagery is a documentation of the brands latest capsule collection entitled 'Swallow', Draxler describes his work "I cut up this photo set on a pretty regular basis for about a month and a half straight – going through hundreds of X-Acto blades. I then treated the pieces like an abstract puzzle and played until things start to click.” A visual documentation of the anxious youth, MCQ finally embraces the suffering of the misheard market and constructs it into deconstructed greatness.

Breaking the barriers of the photoshop loving era, the artist spoke to Dazed about his latest artworks "I knew Alexander McQueen as an iconic fashion house, but other than that I didn't know much. Upon reading Savage Beauty, I immediately found that we had a lot in common, a creative kinship. I directly relate to the way he spoke about cutting the forms in relation to the body and creating shapes and augmented silhouettes." To read the full interview click here.

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