Phoebe Philo tells us to layer for Pre Fall 2016

Not conforming to the fashion calendar, French brand Celine has just dropped it's Pre Fall 2016 lookbook. For Pre Fall 2016, Phoebe Philo tells us that camel coats, ruffled skirts and lots of yellow tones is the way forward. Bringing back the obligatory oversized Celine coat, Philo focuses on heavy layering such as tunics over trousers, all with a 21st century take on 70's flare. Minimally adorned, the Pre Fall 2016 collection epitomises all things luxury with it's play of textures and tones; suede, silk and monochromatic greatness.

Pouch bags with hardly visible chains are worn very high as cross body accessories, both at the front and the back. Round toe knee high boots make a frequent appearance throughout the warm toned collection as well as waist clinching silhouettes that come in coats and dresses- all obeying the renowned Celine cutCelebrating the simple appeal of everyday dressing, the layer-able pieces examines the idea of grown women appreciating eclectic items with a rarified notion in society.

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