5 minutes with Visionaire's Digital Director, Lars Petersen

Describing it's purpose as being a "cross-pollination of art, fashion, film, and contemporary culture as a tool to communicate unique experiences to viewers and visitors, across multiple platforms, in physical spaces, online, and mobile." Meet Lars Petersen, the digital force behind one of today's most culturally relevant platforms, Visionaire. An avid collector of Maison Martin Margiela Tabis, a country boy at heart, with a strong interest for the Abu Dhabi art scene.

Images: @larslala

What’s your morning routine?

Jump out of bed, play Prince as loud as possible, boil two eggs, eat a banana and then off to the gym on my Biomega.

Being a Digital Director, talk us through your day to day routine?

Go to the office after the gym (we have a shower there), check up on all online news (the includes social media), talk to my writers, start scheduling Instagram and Facebook posts for the day and then move on to idea developing or producing. I also handle all our online films, which takes a lot of work. We are always concept developing.

How does Visionarie differ to other creative digital platforms?

We have yet to define properly our online presence. It's rather unexplored by Visionaire. Since it's notorious as a boundary pushing physical "publication" it's hard to find the same balance for online. But we are slowly narrowing it down to a certain direction.

Five people that you think are relevant in todays creative industry?

Demna Gvasalia, Natasha Stagg (she's an amazing writer - writes novels but also articles about art and fashion), Hank Willis Thomas (DUH! favorite artist of today), Telfar (amazingly talented US designer) and all young artists who are using unexplored mediums to create their. I hope that soon these amazing creatives will find a platform that will enable them to make a living of their work. Digital art is hard to grasp (for some) and has yet to be appreciated in a broader sense.

Being a digital director, what’s one of the most important things you’ve learn about the tech world that we now live in?

That sadly money is often valued over talent.

Five things you cant leave your house without?

Maison Martin Margiela Tabism Telfar bag, my house keys, my phone and headphones.

What do you usually eat on your lunch break?

A protein and some greens. It's really boring, I hate it.

3 words to describe the Visionaire offices?

Hectic, white and blooming (we are on the last flower block of the city)

At Visionaire one of the great things you've done is given out a free issue and promote the freedom to express, why?

We have only given out one issue for free. It was our latest issue. It was great to give people, who normally don't dare come close to Visionaire (because of the normal price), a taste of what Visionaire is. Plus I loved all the artists who were so excited to participate in this.

When you visited Abu Dhabi, what was the most interesting thing you learnt about the fashion/art industry here?

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the UAE. I have been there several times now and every time I go back I feel like I'm home. There's a lot of fashion there - I love the way women dress. The art scene is also great - I got the impression that people are generally interested and want to learn. Most of all I noticed is that people crave interaction with art. They want to be part of it. We are bringing a big interactive art and fashion installation to the UAE, hopefully next year. That will be super fun!

What’s something people would be shocked to know about you?

I'm a country boy. Grew up with horses, cows, sheep, chicken, cats, dogs, rabbits, and all of that. We would bread the rabbits, treat them as pets until they were grown enough to eat (and then we would). It was delicious.

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