Inside The Row's cinematic New York City loft

A three-storey town located on 17 East 71st Street in New York city has become the new home for The Row's first ever store in the big apple. The Manhattan based haven is a three floor intricate affair of Olsen minimalism with pale toned floors, a cinematic staircase and an intimate aura. Working closely with French interior designer, Jacques Grange, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen spoke exclusively to Vogue about their recent New York store opening "In Los Angeles, it’s all about mid-century homes and growing up, it was glass and water and trees. Having lived in New York now for 12 years, we wanted the store to very much feel like a home—that’s sort of the dream of here: a brownstone in New York. There’s a fantasy to that, and I think bringing that fantasy to reality in a way that everyone can enjoy is a really nice thing."

The 4000 square foot space customises itself with trinkets of African references through it's strong artistic furnishings and art decor. Maintaining it's low-key aesthetic, the twins explained about the visual merchandising and overall aura of the store "It was really important for us that when you walk into the store it wasn’t about clothes being shoved in your face. It was about the experience of walking in, taking in the space, being able to slowly introduce yourself to sweaters and slippers, or maybe a handbag, have an open area for shoes so you can relax, come upstairs, walk through the collections in a space that’s calm. Less is more, I believe. Then, on the third floor, it’s open again with more of the home objects and a great little private area, as well. Mary Kate further explained "We have a lot of people who want to display their art or collaborations that can utilize these little suites. Everything is for sale, so it will be forever changing. Even in Los Angeles, it constantly rotates. It’s like your house—you tweak it, you add things, you take away things." To read the full interview on Vogue click here.

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