How this Iranian building is the future of architecture

Located in the city of Hamedan, a brick based building stands as a vision into the future of Iranian architecture, with it's wave-like roof and Insta worthy aesthetic. Designed by architects Farshad Mehdizadeh and Ahmad Bathaei the building is used to accommodate two separate occupants and two distinct functions: a retail space on the ground floor and an office on the level above. Taking reference from Hamedan's signature public squares, Mehdizadeh said "The building performs two different functions that are normally connected to the public space through a central core, so we wanted to decentralise the access."

The interactive building, named 'The Termah Building' connotes the connection between the interior and the street, which has been carefully done through bringing the roof down to the pavement and allowing the public to walk on. Bringing a more personal level to the standard approach of architecture, the brick based building is occupied by working offices, with it's rhythmic structure that features 'decked areas lining stone-filled beds and can be used for parties and presentations.' making it much easier getting to the office in the morning.

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