What Kenzo x H&M actually means for fashion

H&M has just announced that it's next fashion house to be socially hyped for a collaboration is French brand, Kenzo. Hopefully ethically produced, the tie up will be lead by Kenzo's creative directors, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, who commented on the news ”We wanted to really tell the story of the brand and of us,” Leon added. “Together with H&M, we will invite all the customers and fans to the real Kenzo world.” Most likely a full blown force of animal prints, neon highlights and other over used jungle references, what does the freshly announced collaboration actually mean for fashion? Probably one of either brands needing a bigger push in the mass market, due to falling sales or lack of marketing mechanisms giving actual impact to the market particularly in the midst of the capitalist movement. Bound to cause controversy like previous projects, the collaboration will drop on November 3rd, meaning come November 2nd everyone will be looking the same and camping out all H&M stores worldwide.

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