5 times Rick Owens took interior goals to the next level

At a price that's most likely going to cost you the same as the mortgage for your house, Rick Owens has played a significant role in the construction of furniture. From his dangerously but very socially satisfying marble bed to his antler chairs, his signature notion of tribal evolution and human strength which has been adapted into home decor. The multi purpose designer explains his venture into furniture “Making furniture is my version of couture: it’s time-consuming artisanal work made in limited quantities in rare materials, customized for my favorite client, my better half, the Hun,”.

Playing with his usual dark palette of browns and blacks, Paris based Owens also produces his furniture with a range of different materials such as fibreglass, fossilised wood, concrete and hard to source marble. At first glance the pieces could be questionable for comfort purposes, but “All of the pieces are very functional. In the chairs, there is a flat seat with the antler used as a back. It is surprisingly comfortable—the shape of the antler tends to curve around a back almost like a clawed hug. The larger plywood chairs you can really sink back into, and the smaller bronze and leather chairs are meant more for a birdlike perch.” Representing all things contemporary in his domestic decor, here's five times Rick Owens made fashionable things to sit, eat and lay on.

1. Antler Chairs that aren't baby proof.

2. The Marble Bed that apparently weighs a tonne.

3. The 'Plug' dining table used for family friendly dinners.

4. Another antler chair this time for the single ones.

5. The infamous sofa with the melting pillows.

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