Why G-Eazy is relevant for today's generation

Gerald Earl Gillum, also known to the millennial youth as G-Eazy, has become one of today's most relevant artists in both music and fashion. Breaking barriers with his cross-genred sound, 27 year old Gerald, is a constant voice when it comes to defending his right to rap. Due to social standards and idealistic images, the artist has become a significantly relevant figure in the cultural movement of nonconformity. Standing at 6 foot 4, the slick haired rapper describes this generation and it's expectations "There is this overindulgence and partying and and going out and there is this, like, darkness to it—you can't just overindulge to that level without any repercussions in the big picture."

Quintessentially a lyrical prodigy, the record producer dash rapper dash actor has also brought relevance to the fashion industry with his sartorially sleek sense of style. Far from extravagance, the sometimes gold toothed rapper describes his clean cut uniform (which usually consists of a Supreme tee and his own personalised leather jacket) ‘I’m minimalistic when it comes to a lot of things and most of the time I feel like less is more, it takes me five minutes to get ready in the morning. I’ve never been one to wear loud jewellery and I don’t wear a lot of colour - my approach to style is a plain t-shirt and all-black attire, which comes from Johnny Cash. It’s a clean, subtle look but there’s also something rebellious about wearing all black.’ Now on his 'When It's Dark Outside' world tour, 'young Gerald' has become a significant voice for those who don't want to conform in an overbearingly conforming society. Paving a gateway for the sometimes misunderstood era, G-Eazy proves that breaking the norm and divorcing one's self from certain expectations is best served raw.

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