Meet the Finnish brand that's changing the urbanized youth

Carefully connecting fashion, design and art into a wearable form, Finnish brand, Aalto has brought a new approach to investigating the urbanised youth culture in Helsinki. Bending the barriers and exploring the conflict of gender conforming expectations, creative director, Toumas Merikoski has rediscovered the feminine wardrobe by playing with 'masculine' details, proportions, comfort and elegance, reinforcing it's strong brand aesthetic Describing his latest collection as a symbolic ode to his countries youth, Merikoski says " It's all about urban outcasts in the modern world. It embraces diversity and reminds us how these impacts are a cultural force and how such identity is valuable for each individual. A symbol of this youth 'cult' is visualized in the collection."

A raw insight into his homeland, the 36 year old wanted to explore Finland in a different light, through his notions of incarnate creative values and sociological concepts. Although heavily inspired by his home country, Merikoski doesn't believe that his label would function in Finland. "he country simply doesn’t have the infrastructure or influence that’s required for the fashion and luxury industry. In France there is a technical know-how, specialised factories, and above a real support in commercial and communication terms. And ultimately Aalto is a Franco-Finnish label that combines French expertise with Finnish culture."

Steering itself from the system of commercialised fashion, Aalto immerses itself into the ironic innocence of the youth generation and adapts that into the clothes, Merikoski reinforces "I just observe and re-transcribe." Seeking limits, testing boundaries the designer explains what the hope is for the future of fashion "I would like to see the industry taking an increasingly educational role on how we consume - more quality than quantity - and finding ways to become more responsible, necessity shouldn't be a restraint creatively."

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