Pawel Nolbert questions the digital era in new project

Images: Pawel Nolbert

In the midst of the digital era, where forced Instagram photos are key and uploaded selfies are getting less and less human, illustrator and and creative designer, Pawel Nolbert questioned today's generation on drawing the line between edited photos and graphics. The Polish born, New York based artist's latest project entitled 'Constructed' explores the notion of filters and computer generation images from his own personal photographs "I took my travel photos from USA trips and just like we all do on Instagram... I messed around with them a bit... Trying to raise a question: where does the "photo" end and "graphy" begin? What makes the use of some graphic tools acceptable enough for it to still be called photography? Why does realism loose with fake? "

Constructing today's reality in one's own way, the creative designer further explains “We do that everyday on our Instagram, blogs and other carefully-curated outlets. Knowing that the world around us doesn’t look like this, we somehow want to believe that all those often extremely filtered and post-processed images in our IG-stream are actually the real thing.” The question still remains on whether or not it makes sense to create that distinction anymore? To see more of Nolbert's work visit his site here.

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