Everything you need to know about Lykke Li's b(r)and

The long lost Swedish Olsen sibling, Lykke Li, has announced she is debuting both a new band and a fashion brand. The 30 year old singer-songwriter released this information at a party held at her Hollywood dash recording studio, where she spoke about her brand 'Yola Mezcal' which is being run by herself and best friends, stylist, Gina Correll Aglietti and entrepreneur Yola Jimenez.

The sleek haired singer also revealed her latest band entitled 'Liv' which translates from the Swedish word 'life' which consists of her partner Jeff Bhasker, Miike Snow members Andrew Wyatt and Pontus Winnberg, musician Jonathan Wilson, and Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa. Although there has been no set date for either band or brand to be released the artist has said that her music will sound like "the love child of ABBA and Fleetwood Mac". To keep up to date on both ventures follow Lykke Li's pictorial life here.

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