How Space Explorer is inspiring exploration

Images: Space Explorer

Describing themselves as a 'pioneering public art platform' Hackney based Space Explorer is redefining exploration through it's innovative take on education. Building a community of explorers who share the thirst of discovery, "Space Explorer restores a sense of wonder and adventure to familiar surroundings, opening us up to change perspective and challenge perception. The first installment in the series – titled Another Space and Time by Co-Founder Robin Mellor connects us with America’s South Western deserts in East London."

Installing 15 billboard-sized images along Hackney Central to the Regent's Canal, the project is set to educate the public through a different notion of imagery delivering extraordinary stories to unexpected locations. Each image is also accompanied by have their own soundtrack which is available by downloading their free app to discover the stories of North America's desert community. The eight week long public installation entitled 'Another Space and Time' is run with support from Hackney Council as part of a regeneration scheme. Founder Robin Mellor speaks about his project “I’m fascinated by people’s stories, especially those who have a great obsession in life or who like to live outside the norm. We set up Space Explorer as a creative outlet for work we’re really passionate about, which can help inspire others and spread outsider knowledge into the public consciousness.”. To learn more visit their website here.

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