Ximon Lee explores the human form for Fall 17

Image: W Magazine

Chinese native, London based designer, Ximon Lee revealed his latest collection at LCM today. Exploring the notion of one's body and the idea of it being covered and concealed, hence the large amount of bare skin and see through latex used. Acid washed denim, reoccurring orange fabrics and oversized forms were part of Lee's 'HARD' collection that made Fall 17 a scientific insight into the adaptation of clothes on the human body. During the process of creating the greatness of this collection, the designer used a grocery carrier bag and it's shape to "inform long pinafore layers in stiff PVC fabric, and used actual black bags fused onto a sweatshirt with silicone panels." Keeping this collection in sequence with his last, Lee explains the evolution and struggle of growing up “It is hard to make a collection, it is hard to grow up, it is hard to admit you are losing things.”

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