Christopher Kane reacts to society for Spring 2017

Images: Christopher Kane

Acting as a wearable voice for today's generation, Christopher Kane presented his Spring 2017 in reaction to societies latest happenings. Graphically pleasing and seasonally coloured, the 33 year old Scottish designer spoke about his latest collection “I am always interested in taking the everyday and looking at it in a new way." he continues “I’ve been working on this for four months. It’s about our childhood near Glasgow, and what we saw then; that is what I always do.”

Playing with the notion of 'preppy' checks were heavily used throughout the collection, and highlighted with the use of granddad like textures, in both shirts and trousers, in a way representing today's innocent youth. Steering away from the glamour, Kane presents an individual take on contemporary issues from the oversized jackets to layer-friendly shirts.

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