How Gidge is changing the sound and sight of music

Not only sounding like a mystical dream, but Swedish band, Gidge also look like a mystical dream. Usually documenting the beautiful nature of their home country, Sweden in it's most raw and scenic form (so raw that they create most of their percussions, by recording the natural sounds of the woods) the electronic duo, Ludvig Stolterman and Jonatan Nilsson have been making music for nine years. The transcendental sound is a mixture of organic elements and references from dance music to create the ultimate flow of airy tunes and magical melodies. "We always wanted to create music that you can actually feel when you listen to it. If we can manage to temporarily transport the listener to some distant place in their mind, then we’ve succeeded."

Enchanting and sometimes Narnia like, the talented duo explore cinematic approaches to their music through notions of different instrumental tones and textures. One half of the band, Ludvig commented on the process of creating such brillance "We don't want to be pretentious, but some questions are better left unanswered. We don't want to spoilt the magic." Referring to the delicate details of the sound, he continues "We get really happy when we see comments where the listener has found those small sounds we have worked very hard with, like the sampled crane in our track in Norrland. It shows that people actually pay attention to what we do."

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