The Kooples showcase their new campaign strategy

Images: The Kooples

French brand, The Kooples are renowned for their advertising campaigns, typically using both famous and non famous couples in a monochromatic manner. The rock and roll brand has now pushed it's marketing boundaries by showing that love doesn't stop at couples, thus, introducing their new campaign 'Creative Duos'. As part of their Fall campaign, the label fronts Miranda Anna Elektra June Kilbey-Jansson, singers in the band Say Lou Lou, Korean models Sung Jin Park and Gabi Moon and Art Comes First founders Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh.

One of the co-founders and Kooples brothers, Raphael Elicha explained that “The concept is larger than couples ‘in love.’ The Kooples is all about showing that you’re stronger and more creative [when you work as a group]. It’s the opportunity to tell new stories, open up to new characters who have a lot to say.” Yet to in print or in store, here's the digital edit.

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