Is this Iranian building the future of architecture?

Images: Dezeen

In correspondence to 'How this Iranian building is the future of architecture', New Wave Architecture; a local based company led by designers Lida Almassian, Gholamreza Tohidi, Shapoor Fakhri and Shahin Heidari, provides a deeper insight into exactly that. Generating a new form of structure, silhouette and all round modernity, the Tehran based building captures futurism at it's finest with it's asymmetric exterior and voluminous interior. The three rotated cantilevered boxes is a private project entitled 'three views/a house' where New Wave Architecture merges the importance of one's connection with nature throughout the innovative outlook on the scenic landscapes of the Alborz mountains in northern Tehran. The two bedroom architectural brillance reiterates it's goal by "merging nature with human life led us to have vertical distribution of functions with less land occupation for the building and hence allocating a larger portion of land to landscaping,"

Each angled 'box' is directed at a different view allowing diversification within the building to be obtained. Giving a sense of 'purity' with it's all white theme, the 2800 square foot space consists of a winding wooden staircase, an indoor swimming pool and a timber-lined sauna. New Wave Architecture spoke about their creation "The intense topography and the location between mountains with views to flat plain of Mosha, inspired us to create a sense of suspension and wide views for all spaces," they continue saying "The high slope of the site provides the perfect sense of suspension for each box."

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