How Oliver Cabell is redefining luxury

In a society where a bag costs more than rent, the luxury fashion industry has become so artificially high, consumers are sadly blinding by the reality behind it all. But now, an American based start up company called Oliver Cabell has began to redefine one's outlook on the luxury sector by revealing exactly how much it costs to make a piece of arm candy. Founder and CEO Scott Gabrielson explains "More than three quarters of designer goods purchases come from a handful of companies. His allows these brands to mark-up it's products 10-20 times what they cost to actually make. Bags and leather goods are the most demanded and in turn hold the highest mark-ups"

The North Dakota native was gaining his masters at Oxford university where he was educated on the evolution of the fashion industry and that was when he discovered the 'fast fashion' movement. "While visiting a factory in Asia we saw cramped female workers, earning $7 a day, gluing and sewing designer bags and accessories. One of the bags, which the brand claimed to only produce in Italy, cost under $100 to make. It sold for over $1,200 down the road." Shaking the fashion zeitgeist back to reality, the in house design team works directly with trusted Italian factories and sells only online, allowing Oliver Cabell to cut out all unnecessary costs throughout the production process.

Tapping into the younger mindset of fashion, CEO, Gabrielson has spotted the shift in the market, the shift being the youth who are openly rejecting labels and turning to more organic forms of fashion. Divorcing itself from the norm and steering away from the capitalist cycle of high fashion, Oliver Cabell are positively placing an importance to the millennials through it's innovative and educational ideologies on providing luxury in it's most realistic manner "We hope Oliver Cabell relates to people differently than traditional fashion brands. We believe that telling the story behind our products and providing value will do more for us marketing wise than any big advertising initiative." To follow upscale goods at honest prices with full transparency click here.

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