How not to shop basic: The Slow Waves Edit

Slow Waves is a digital dream for all those that enjoy adding items to their cart. An Australian run e-tailer that eventually turned retailer, was founded by Marli Atterton, who paved a way for Melbourne's shopping scene with it's conceptual outlook on wearable brillance. 30 year old Atterton says "The labels and products my friends and I are interested in just weren't available in Melbourne at the time, and it just seemed a bit ridiculous because it's Melbourne. I know it's not New York, but it is the so-called "cultural capital of Australia."

Digitally orchestrating a hybrid of low end and high end designers, Slow Waves has become a positive collision of unparalleled styles from the likes of MM6, Faustine Steinmetz, Ann-Sofie Back and many more niche labels. Speaking to I-D Magazin, Atterton talks about her joy of helping not so commercial labels "I'm all about supporting emerging designers, it's what keeps you fresh, but I do struggle with getting the balance between well known and lesser known right. In the beginning one label actually made me buy, not even from a lookbook as such, but from sketches of items and descriptions of colours! When that order was delivered it was pretty much a disaster. Two seasons later and I still have it boxed up at my house." Want to shop the not so basic way? Click here and thank us later.

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