Why OATS The Label is a silky dream come true

Images: OATS

Handmade by a mother-daughter duo, OATS the label triggers new heights of silky silhouettes and draping shapes, the Australian based label is described as being "a memory too Oats, the best hermaphrodite bunny a girl could ask for." The organic start up, founded and designed by Julie and Bridie Davey, is all locally sourced, with an aim to be a wearable silk dream for everyone, Bridie explains"They’re designed to be worn everyday and everywhere! As every garment is handmade by myself or my mother, we have a lot of flexibility with styles and are able to alter pieces to any body shape."

With two collections already debuted, the family run business brings fresh offerings from with a plain but practical selection. Poetically beautiful in it's seasonal-less designs, OATS also takes heavy reference from artists such as Matisee and Jean Arp, hence the pastel-fied abstract brillance in their editorials "I’ve always been interested in art. A lot of the images are pretty abstract, so I take a lot of inspiration from the colours and shapes." Sublimely intertwining simplicity through it's delicate approach to the female body, the Melbourne born label offers wrapped blouses, off the shoulder ruffle tops and silky slip dresses, all of which can be bought here.

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