Why this Vetements drop is probably already gone

Images: VOGUE

Giving the fashion market exactly what it wants, Demna Gvasalia of Vetements has released a 50 piece limited edition hoodie in celebration of Russian rockstar, Zemfira. With the global hype of the street label, Gvasalia very strategically and notoriously produces a small quantity of Vetements pieces, knowing the hype and demand will be sky high, hence the ridiculous and sometimes controversial pricing of the brand.

The exclusive drop consists of Vetements' signature oversized hoodie in a black hue, with 'Zemfira' written in red Cyrillic alphabet. Gvasalia comments on his love for the singer “Zemfira influenced not the way I dressed, but the way I saw poetry in everything, she influenced the sentiment.” Want to drench yourself in this $770 hoodie, that only you and 49 people will be able too? Try SV Moscow as it is the only official outlet to stock the limited line.

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