5 things to know about One Block Down

Image: @iamrckf

A #sneakerhead's retail haven is situated on the streets of Milan, Piazza Armando Diaz, 2, 20122 to be more specific. Founded by four friends and their love of the sneaker culture, One Block Down celebrates the cities appreciation for the urbanised market and it's 21st century phenomenon. Cleverly linking the sneaker culture and it's very Instagrammed lifestyle, the Italian store merges modern impulses to showcase the latest and greatest in both sneakers and street wear. Hosting relevant brands and publications such as Nike, I-D, PALACE and more, here's five things to know about One Block Down-

1. OBD created the sneaker movement in Milan- Co-Founder, Patrizio Vita said that "In Milan in 2009 nobody was selling Jordan and we were orphans of one of the most influenced shops, Quinto Round in Corso Matteotti. So we decided to open One Block Down but it was not easy. Companies in Italy knew not relate shops sneakers like ours. The real work was held in chains, Foot Locker or AW Lab former World athletes."

2. It has it's own coffee shop, meaning you can get your caffeine and sneaker fix at the same time.

Image: @idakhou

3. It's not just a walk in store- "One Block Down is a creative workshop than a shop. We give advice of image and communication."

Image: One Block Down

4. It's has the most Insta-worthy visual merchandising

Image: @h818

5. It's educates you on the most relevant topics in fashion, courtesy of it's independent magazine range.

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