Manta Ops creates future visions for the youth

Images: @Manta_ops

Birthed in 2010, Manta Ops forms a futuristic vision for the youth of today's urbanised market. Graphics tee's and oversized hoodies, the American based street wear label created by Seattle designer Ramza is a celebration of the misunderstood journey of the millennial. There latest editorial entitled 'Healing Winds' is an extension of the brands first collection 'Heartbreakers Club' which is set to release August 1st.

The new collection is a recognition of the difficult times of a relationship, with a timeline of different parts of the narrative. The editorial captures the darkness of a heartbreak as the brand scouted an abandoned mental hospital to shoot the visuals in. With a conceptual outlook on everyday wear, the graphics consist of different faces and texts 'TEMPEST' 'TOUCHDOWN' and 'SADSOUL' which all reference the brands inspirational concepts of 'Blurred Vision' and 'Relapse'. In celebration of the brands anniversary, the 'Healing Winds' collection will be available for pre-orders this month prior to it's official drop on August 1st.

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