How Cecy Young is changing the world of photography

Images: @CecyYoung

Capturing the beauty in both human and nature, Paris based, Mexican born image maker, Cecy Young is changing the way one looks at life through her lens. With a vocal point on fashion, the photographer explains her interest into capturing the industries most visually appealing moments "You have to tell a story and take in account a lot of elements, every detail matters. I like it because it allows me to think, plan and create something new and beautiful; something dream like but at the same time I have the intention that in my work there is an ambiguity, a clash between what is real and what is imaginary; not showing it all in a picture."

The 29 year old creative, merges her love of reality and memory to create the colourful visuals that she's renowned for. Young breaks away from the expected norm of documentation by playing with composition and colour and creating the most Tumblr-fied images for the millennial generation. Paving a new wave of photography, the Mexican native studied fine arts, hence the finer details to her work and describes her style of imagery as being "Feminine, eccentric at times, unexpected, natural light, strong women, sexy and colourful." With a strong exploration of fantasy and surrealism, Young magnifies the beauty in the most ordinary things such as a school bus, street cats and random strangers on a sidewalk, all of which conform to her textured pastel aesthetic.

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