5 relevant things Rick Owens said about his empire

Speaking to Footwear News, about his growing empire, Paris based designer Rick Owens talks about the impact that sneakers, Michele Lamy and his experimental shows have played in his very successful and positively influential career. With his cult following and loyal consumer based wearing his draped designs like a season-less uniform, the 53 year old creative speaks about the sneakers culture and how he was one of the first designers to ever create a leather sneaker, costing more than your summer holiday.

Sticking to his instincts, Owens also talks about the easiness of dropping out of his self made brand purely based on seeing dollar signs "There was a minute where I considered selling out, because I was offered a lot of money that I wasn’t sure I would ever be offered again,” said Owens. “But looking back, it would have killed me. I can’t really work with other people. I would hate to have to explain myself to anybody. I don’t have a design team because that’s what I get to do — that’s my fun.” Serving his much loved, sometimes commercially controversial designs, here's 5 relevant things Rick Owens said about his brand:

1. “Sports shoes were never my thing, the only reason I started making them was because they frustrated me. They were a little too prosaic. I wanted to exoticize them.”

2. “I actually used to mold rubber soles myself, because at the time I couldn’t afford the minimums. The construction was completely wrong.”

3. “I like things that function and that are logical. The commercial side is one of my favorite parts. I mean, no one would ever assume that.”

4. “Michèle is very spontaneous, and her emotions are a lot more on the surface. When we work together, it’s impossible. She has such a freestyle way of getting things done that it makes me crazy. She respects me for some kind of stability, but also reacts against my straightness.”

5. “It’s kind of a miracle in this day and age that I'm here"

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