Giovanni Leonardo Bassan set to present his second solo show

Image: Odalisque magazine

Set to present his second solo exhibition, Italian born, Paris based artist, Giovanni Leonardo Bassan will host a pop up exhibition in conjunction with Dubai based gallery, The Mine in Paris tomorrow. After showcasing his first solo exhibition at The Mine's HQ in Al Qouz last year, Bassan used his first art works as a vocal point of identifying societies roles and responsibilities as human beings, emphasizing the incisive urgency of a collective awakening.

Now, the artist's latest venture is based off of a two month visit to a new metropolis, in which Bassan explores the notion of abstract mediation through different cities. Reacting to societies affairs, the artist rejects city's distractions to find a deeper urgency ‘By improvising I learn that contradictions are the clearest way to speak. Getting distracted by so many stimulations, and mostly by myself, I try to be here, right now.’ Entitled 'Everything Distracts Me' the exhibition will be showcased at Eclectic Studio, Paris from June 30th. To preview email

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