GEO drops 'Collection One' for Spring Summer 2016

London based street label, GEO has finally dropped there first collection, originally titled 'Collection One'. The ex DONDA graphic designer is renowned for creating some of the most recognising album artwork and merchandise for the hip hop industry. With a simple yet urbanised collection, GEO spoke to Hypebeast about his debut line and his shift from digital to physical "It just felt like the right time for the shift, gut feeling."

Continuing to talk about his artistic references "The strong, timeless graphics were intended to elicit emotional responses, positive or otherwise, while the color palette is an abstraction of life itself. The monochrome represents the harshness of reality, of work, the office. The pops of color are the enjoyable moments, the beauty in life, a happy memory. Enzo Mari, Fronzoni, Keith Haring are some of my inspirations that relate back to the graphics and the colour palettes used across the board."Divorcing away from the norm of graphics and basic screen prints, the collection forms intricate techniques such as cutting and sewing to highlight a new form of design, curating a universal uniform.

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