Why Muschi Kreuzberg is making the most relevant point to Supreme

Berlin's Muschi Kreuzberg has complained and made a very relevant point to street wear label, Supreme. Avoiding all forms of digitalised communication, the Kreuzberg wrote a letter to the Californian label entitled 'Too Broke or Supreme'. The purpose? A hope to bring the much loved urban store to German's capital. To aid the efforts, there's been a release of the famous box logo on white tee's, hoodies and even toilet brushes, ironically which have been scribbled on with the words 'Too Broke For..' The sincere letter from 'Berlin' goes like this-

“Dear James,

first of all: Sorry – but we had to.

Why? Because Berlin is actually too broke for Supreme.

Too broke to quit our jobs (if we even have one) and wait online for your next drop. Way too broke to book a flight to New York, LA or Paris to visit your shop.

And most definitely: Too broke to get sued!

Thats [sic] why we started this limited charity collection – all earnings will be saved for buying a flight ticket to Berlin.

So you can finally open that store we keep hearing rumours about and can’t wait to have around.

Wouldn’t that be supreme?

Broke but sexy,

Yours crewly:


Making a relevant point to the overly hyped, over priced label, hopefully Kreuzbergs collection as well as his strong point, will start a chain of events for Supreme to finally understand that a majority of their avid followers and consumers many a time cant afford a logo boxed tee.

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