5 things to know about Christine and the Queens

Her Instagram bio states "Every insult I hear back / darkens into a beauty mark", French singer, Christine and the Queens, real name Héloïse Letissier has paved a gateway to a new, independent sound. Her experimental music which is a mixture of English and French narrates her life story through an electro-pop genre. Notorious for her androgynous look, her beautifully awkward choreography and bilingual greatness, here's five things you should probably know about the 28 year old singer.

1. She was a theatre student, hence her dramatic stage presence that mainly consists of Michael Jackson inspired moves.

2. Her broken heart paved the way to her fame, after moving to London alone for three weeks.

3. She hates selfies “People bump into me in the street and I’m shy and I start to sweat on my top lip"

4. She's just like every other female living in a photoshopped saturated world "I felt monstrous and ugly. I wasn’t able to relate to the magazines and advertising I was seeing and their depictions of women. I was polluted by all of that and Christine and the Queens was a way to escape, a survival technique."

5. She has a love affair with suits, particularly Hedi Slimane looking ones and Jacquemus- which she wore a drowning powder pink suit in her Paradis Perdus video.

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