How Martina Ferrara is changing photography

Exploring the notions of beauty through her non conforming photography, Italian born image maker, Martina Ferrara examines fashion from a different perspective through her lens. Graduating in visual and performing arts as well as photography, Ferrara describes her style as being "very clean and graphic. When I shoot, I am looking at the essential, removing everything that I don’t need to seek the perfect equilibrium between the shapes.”

Juxtaposing elements of fashion, beauty and human interaction, Ferrara who recently launched a visual documentary based on a trip to Japan talks about her non-linear approach to photography By editing two photographs together in a diptych, I was looking for the right kind of harmony. Sometimes the pictures are similar in colour, or shape, or in their contents. There’s always a connection, or a contrast – a fusion between reality and representation. I like the idea of what is real and what is not.”

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