Why 'Slow Denim' by Faustine Steinmetz is very relevant for fashion

Showcasing a retrospective outlook on the process of creating a fashion item, London based brand, Faustine Steinmetz is exhibiting at Gallery Joyce for a visualisation of 'Slow Denim'. Renowned for her distressed denim and recycled fabrics, Steinmetz explains "I create pieces that everyone has or has had in their wardrobe at some point in their life, except I make them from scratch using artisanal techniques.” steering away from fast fashion, the artist continues “I find our contemporary relationship to buying and owning very wrong. We no longer buy things we like, we no longer even buy things that we intend to keep, and we are only interested in things which are cheap and readily accessible. Everything is disposable.”

Without sugar coating the pretentiousness of fashion, 'Slow Denim' highlights exactly how many hours, artists and lengths of fabrics it takes to make a single garment. Located at Gallery Joyce in Paris, click here for more information.

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