You can now swim in a pool of sprinkles

The answer to a 21st century Willy Wonka world has come true thanks to the Museum of Ice Cream's new venture; a pool full of sprinkles. Co-Founder Maryellis Bunn explains the Insta worthy summer project "We’re creating this for people to really draw and embrace this idea of delight and indulgence. It's going to be "a lick-able, likable, shareable ice cream-centric experience" Other highlights of the interactive exhibition include edible balloons, an immersive chocolate room and a collaborative massive ice cream sundae.

Visitors will also indulge in an exclusive, one-of-a-kind ice cream tasting created by food futurist and overall rad scientist Dr. Irwin Adam, founder of Future Food Studio. Visual designs from renowned NYC artists will serve as the cherry on top of this modern, whimsical urban ice cream playground. To melt in a pool full of rainbow coloured sprinkles click here.

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