How ROCH embodies slow romanticism in her music

Debuting her single 'Closer' to a world full of ears, mainly who are subscribed to SoundCloud, London based singer, ROCH epitomises slow romanticism with her new and innovative sound. A sculpture student at Central Saint Martins, the 21 year old singer, brings a soft and gentle voice that narrates her lyrical life experiences.

Her seductive melodies that are delicately driven with echoey guitars brings a graceful approach to 21st century sound. Being described as a singer dash songwriter with relations towards icons such as Patti Smith and Angel Olsen, the dreamy artist explains her debut song 'Closer' as being a cause of " dilemma where I felt unable to act on something of real importance for somebody I really care for". As a voice of heartbreak, ROCH delivers her pop hymn sound through minimal keys, effortless vocals and stark synths. Having only released three singles 'Vienna', 'Closer' and 'Kintsugi', let your ears hear some magic here.

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