Y3 celebrates Fall Winter 2016 with a short film

To showcase their Fall Winter 2016 collection, Japanese sports luxe brand, Y3 released a short campaign film. Stripping down to an essential aesthetic of rebellious modernism with a tough and industrial impulse the collection marks two eras; the rave culture of the 90's and 21st century minimalism. The diffusion brand of Yohji Yamamoto celebrates his signature monochromatic label with his rebirth of sportswear.

Releasing a statement about the mini movie, Y3 explains "Propelled by driving music and palpable suspense, the film mines the conceptual terrain of data culture and suggests a dystopian future beyond the expanding surveillance boom. With characters who can't elude the peering cameras of a hacked security feed, it nods to the fault line between safety and surveillance and builds upon Yohji Yamamoto’s famous belief in 'clothing as armor.' The film suggests that, in a future where exposure feels impossible to escape, clothing may indeed become the final vestige of privacy."

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