Petra Collins pays ode to Georgia O'Keeffe in mini movie

In celebration of artist, Georgia O'Keeffe, Canadian photographer and Gucci girl, Petra Collins payed ode to the American artist by debuting a mini movie exclusively for the Tate Modern. With surrealist notions and pre-dominantly pastel hues, the image maker explained her choice of narrative "I was so drawn to her work. The shapes and lines, how she took a simple American landscape and made it into this soft but also super-hard object. Her paintings are pretty realistic, but they're also very surreal,"

The reinterpreted work of artist O'Keeffe was in conjunction with Collins' inspiration of the New Mexican landscapes, alongside a “a bunch of my muses”—Lee Armoogam, Barbara Ferreira, Seashell Coker, Maia Ruth Lee, Ajani Russell—interacting with their environments.

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