5 things you should know about Eliot Sumner

Previously known as Coco from her band 'I Blame Coco' and also known as Sting's daughter, Eliot Sumner has paved a new wave of sound with her krautrock-influenced industrial pop. Breaking boundaries both vocally and physically, the 25 year old British singer stems away from the expected and reflects that in her latest LP entitled 'Information' which she says she "was always supposed to make this". Androgynously beautiful, here's five things you should probably know about her-

1. She only likes relevant designers when it comes to fashion "I tend to like very minimal, simplistic designers, like Boris Bidjan Saberi, Rick Owens, and Raf Simons. I only wear black. I think it suits me."

2. She isolated herself for six months in Lake District, England to write the songs for her album.

3. She supported Lykke Li throughout her European tour.

4. She probably didn't listen to Pharrell's song 'Happy' “I like to write from a dark place. Happy songs, for me, are two-dimensional. Darker ones have greater depth.”

5. Sumner is singer dash model as she stars in Armani Exchange’s fall 2016 campaign.

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