How Dore Dore is a colourful carb dream come true

Testing Instagram limits to the max, Seoul based coffee shop, Dore Dore has merged food, interior and pastelised fun all into one space. A place where calories aren't counted, Dore Dore explores a different approach to dessert dining with it's picture perfect cakes, retro references and it's infamous sherbet colour scheme.

The four floor cafe which is located in the district of Gangnam- gu merges itself into an art gallery with it's hanging pieces around the cubic, game like space. Ideal for anyone with an Instagram account, Dore Dore Art Village explores the notions of beyond a simple cake stop, instead a place where colourful carbs and interior goals are relevantly awaiting to be uploaded to your feed with #nofilterneeded. Probably worth the plane ride to the Southern state, enjoy a bubblegum dream at Dore Dore located on IF 40 Dosandae-ro 15gil Gangnam-gu Seoul, or stalk them the 21st century way via Instagram.

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