How Sara Molčan is creating a new spectrum of colours

Characterising pastel palettes and muted neutrals to create a figurative abstraction, using only one medium:oil paintings. Vancouver based artist, Sara Molčan has created a gateway of new hues through her mixture of predominantly pink based colours. The Art & Design graduate explains her role as a painter "As an artist, I’m fascinated by memory and how it shapes our identity. Over time, your mind can play tricks on you: reformulating what a loved one looked like, romanticizing past relationships gone sour, and preserving parts of memory in little packages. My work aims to impress upon the viewer what could be perceived as the radioactive by product of an idle mind that has been producing faintly recalled images for far too long."

Using Instagram as her chosen feed to showcase her creative process, Molčan uploads a variation of different moving images to present her delicate mixing procedure of her pigmented paintings. The colour combinations expert who's work is "makes a statement on our emotional relationships with memory, exploring the tension between the unconscious memory and the reformulation of a personal psychology".

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