How Sincerely Tommy is changing conceptual retail

Kai Avent-deLeon; the creator of Brooklyn based boutique Sincerely, Tommy, has become a business futurist with her creative space that's changing conceptual retail one muted piece at a time. With a curatorial collection from a mixture of emerging fashion and lifestyle brands, Sincerely, Tommy features a coffee counter as well as a welcoming wardrobe of seasonal-less staples, making it a lifestyle environment as apposed to just a singular shopping outlet.

Speaking to Nylon, Avent-deLeon talks about the birth of her store “I decided that I was going to be that place for the emerging lines that weren’t carried in other stores,” Embodying a lifestyle going beyond just carrying a leather bag or a domestic addition to your home, "one of the main missions of Sincerely, Tommy was to continue to create an environment for people who have something to share.” Stripping retail to it's core, the authentic space that captures organic interior goals to a key. Obligatory jungle plants, wooden features and brick walls were all personally chosen by the owner and founder herself “I wanted a clean palette because the products were going to be bold and speak for themselves.”

With a clean cut and Instagram-able visual merchandise structure, the New York based store steers firmly away from awkwardly pretentious shopping environments, reinforcing the customer is key not forced sales, "From the moment you walk in, shopping there is such an experience! It's like, This is how shopping should be, especially when you're spending that kind of money. You should want to go back there even if you're not going to buy anything. That's the vibe that I want to bring with Sincerely, Tommy."

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