Why Yuul Yie is the ultimate foot candy

All images: Yuul Yie

Yuul Yie; the ultimate form of foot candy to wrap, strap and/or slide your feet into. The Korean footwear brand created by Sunyuul Yie launched in 2010 debuting their first collection entitled 'MA WIE EN ROSE. Creating the greatness with only the finest sourced materials, Yuul Yie's latest Resort 2016 line named 'Breeze' captures the easiness of everyday shoes with modern impulses of silver ring features whilst playing proportions to embody the female silhouette.

The six year old label describes their aesthetic as having 'classic details and subtle lines, we present peculiar epicene moods which is our major feature'. Created specifically for your sole(s), shop the brand on their digital store or follow their pictorial life on Instagram.

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