This artist interprets social media via the human body

All images: John Yuyi

Fetishising with the idea of social media, Taiwanese born, New York based artist, John Yuyi is embodying the digitally driven era through her non linear artwork. Flexing an obsession with social media and it's fixation with the youth culture, Yuyi is a fashion design graduate who's latest show entitled 'Why Didn't You Like My Pic' will showcase her new wave of understanding social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram.

Describing the social world in her tome town of Taipei, the creative maker explains to Dazed “There’s no young art culture there. If there is, it must be very small and not very international, but there are still a lot of talented people and people I admire in Taiwan. The thing is, they’re not constantly doing new work or not highly exposed on the internet. Also, the environment is not very friendly to young people as our salary is low so some young people want to do creative stuff but they don’t have money to live.”

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