Why MOONTAN is a wearable answer for the youth

All images: Moontan

With designers across the world being wedded with the idea of youth and it's constant change of excitement, the concept of the young generation has played a vital role in 21st century fashion. South Korean brand, MOONTAN has become one of the many ready to wear labels to fantasise over the MTV generation and break the dress code norms. The contemporary women's wear label was born in 2014 in Seoul which has become the capital of the future of fashion. Seeking original and modernised clothing, the two year old brand is mixing subcultural codes with it's fixation of the youth.

With limited information on the internet and only being sold on certain e-stores, the urban brand divorces itself away from the commercialised world of fashion, and presents a new vision of cross generational greatness. Pushing style beyond it's final frontier and musing on the influence of the adolescence, MOONTAN captures today's misheard youth with it's graphic tee's and printed jackets, giving every basics a rebellious reboot. Uplifting the 'word art' traditions, the layerable collections can be found here.

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