Why this five piece Norwegian band is relevant

The five piece Norwegian music makers, Highasakite are creating a new sound for ears around the world. When debuting their first album in 2012, the tight-nit band had been positively received "if you have lost faith in pop music, Highasakite is here to show you the light". Their indie rock sound, fronted by singer Ingrid Helend Håvik represents a feeling of renewal, with a new wave of pop-electro music. Steering away from the mainstream radar, the band says “We are all used to hearing very experimental music and so we can go quite far before we react to something sounding weird."

Their latest album 'Camp Echo'- which sold out shows in London, introduces more elements of electronic synths in comparison to their first album entitled 'All That Floats Will Rain'. Constantly developing their sound over the years, the Oslo based band spoke about their inspirations "All of us had a big heart in the 90s and early 2000s and bands like Prodigy, Røyksopp and dance-music from that era." The Scandi group, who have previously been invited on tour with fellow musician Bon Iver, are shaking up the system with their idiosyncratic sound, presenting a vision of relevant music to be heard for all ears. Having just launched their US tour dates, you can find more information here.

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