How Coralie Marabelle is changing female dress codes for Fall 2016

French womenswear designer, Coralie Marabelle continues to use her love of the 19th century, specifically the 1930's, to create her fantasy-like brand. The award winning designer, who's previously worked at renowned fashion houses such as Hermes, Maison Margiela and Alexander McQueen, has began redefining the social norms of the female dress code through striking the right balance of proportions, textures and silhouettes, without constricting the female form.

The young designer carefully merges relevant subcultural codes such as the heavy use of ruffles in her latest Fall 2016 collection (which thankfully don't scream 50's housewife) merged with occasional androgynous references. Clinched waists, oversized jackets, extended gloves and Victorian necks, are her guide to surviving the colder seasons. "The rigor of shapes and the fantasy of ornaments, masculine and feminine silhouettes cross, dark colors like navy blue,burgundy and anthracite contrast with bright and feminine colors like cream and red, raw fabrics become noble. Pleated and gathered poplin becomes Couture. Corduroy becomes graphic." For more information on the designer, visit her official website here.

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