This Onde Pixel installation is an Insta dream

French digital artist, Miguel Chevalier has taken to Milan's Unicredit Pavilion for his latest kaleidoscopic installation. Entitled 'Onde Pixel' the creator has produced a visual maze of interactive pixilations with reference to virtual-reality world. The artist explains "Onde Pixel features sumptuous, shape-shifting floor projections and patterns that allow the public to immerse themselves in it. Its fusion of colors, forms and music - composed by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi - are triggered by sensors that enables viewers to "inhabit" the work in a game of weights and measures, distance and proximity, becoming an integral part of the installation."

Taking inspiration from some of his reoccurring themes, such as "the relationship between nature and artifice, the observation of the flows and networks that shape our contemporary society, the imaginary architecture and virtual cities, questioning our relationship with the world and with the art of twenty-first century " A digital dream for every Instagram user, the UniCredit Art Installation is running until August 28th 2016.

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