These architects are changing global landscapes via graphics

Daigo Ishii and Future-space architects, the Japanese firm based around innovative and original architecture has launched it's recent venture called 'Worldwide Tokyo-Lization Project'. Based on the concept of urban landscapes and it's ability to change, the architects have used graphic languages and visual effects to change the usual city space of New York, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Paris, La Paz and Venezia into Tokyo, with the help of advertisements, moving cars, people and the renowned Tokyo street lights. The project has been created to question society "What is the image of a city or the locality ? Those are as strong or stable as we imaged ? Those are not fragile or variable ? This video work is a project to verify that."

Exhibiting as part of the Architecture Biennale in Venice which is "an exhibition documenting current developments and thoughts in architecture, highlighting fundamental questions by discussing the philosophical concepts Time, Space and Existence." the interactive art pieces can be watched fully here.

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