5 motels worth pulling into this summer

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--a roadside hotel designed primarily for motorists, typically having the rooms arranged in low blocks with parking directly outside.

Whether you're doing a Britney in Crossroads or doing the obligatory bucket list of traveling around America, roadside lodging has become the epitome of the road trip culture. To make your life and Insta feed so much easier, here's a pictorial guide on 5 motels worth pulling into this summer. P.S- this guide works best when the sun is shining, would not advise pulling up in the dark, with heavy downpour.

1. The Pink Motel, Sun Valley, California

One of America's most iconic check points, the Pink Motel in California is a pastel pink dream. With seven rooms, specially designed to take you back in time to the 50's and 60's, this roadside Insta pit stop also comes with Cadillac Jacks Cafe- a neon lit diner and a large variety of functioning classic cars for every guest to use. When driving in Sun Valley, brake when you see it's natural back drop of palm trees and bubblegum pink exterior.

2. Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California.

Madonna Inn: An insight into what goes on in Alessandro Michele's mind of beautifully tacky florals and juxtaposed prints, this pink fuelled pit stop is the ultimate decorative dream. Described as a 'luxury motel' the Madonna Inn has become a somewhat landmark on the Central Coast of California, especially with it's pop cultural references such as Grimes' song "Flesh without blood/Life in the vivid dream" being filmed there as well as being the infamous backdrop for The Bachelor.

3. Blue Swallow Motel, New Mexico

The pinnacle of a textbook motel, Blue Swallow has been serving travellers since 1939. Located on the infamous Route 66 in New Mexico, the family owned motel is marked with a classic motel neon sign encouraging drivers to pull in for it's free wifi, free cable and budget prices.

4. Desert Hills, Las Vegas

Described as being 'a classic downtown motel', Desert Hills provides travellers with the typical Las Vegas motel experience. It's apparent spacious guest rooms and 'stylish deluxe suites' come free with everyone's number one query- free wifi, as well as coin laundry, an outdoor pool and cable TV. No worth visiting if you have a companion who happens to be a pet.

5. Monterey Motel, Las Vegas

A tumblr dream of pastel pink and mint green roadside decor, Monterey Motel is a must visit when in Vegas. The retro inspired sleeping spot has next to no information about it online, but if you're somewhere in the Nevada state, make a pit stop and snap it.

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