How HATECHU is redefining everyday wear

All images: HATECHU

As the capitalist cycle of fast fashion keeps going with designers repeating their commercial cleverness to the mass market, South Korea has divorced itself from that and has continuously been at the forefront of fashion. The innovative and futuristic capital city of Seoul, has provided the urbanised youth with a range of pioneering labels that focus on their signature high-low blend aesthetic. The pop cultured driven market have see an emergence of designers increase in the past two years, one being Seoul based brand HATECHU- a womenswear label with a vocal point on every basics differentiated with their modernised impulses.

With a new wave of energy, HATECHU is providing the millennial generation with a shift in social uniforms and remixing of cultural references. With a fixation on the youth culture, the brand focuses on tee's with bandaged wrists, buckled skirts and layer-able extras, maintaining it's fairly monochromatic palette throughout. To shop the next generation of fashion, visit their digital store here.

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